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The Story of Ludex

Grab a cup of warm coffee or tea, cozy up under your favourite blanket, and listen to how Ludex founder Ludomir "Lou" Zakrzewski tells us the story of how it all began.

"It all started with a Volkswagen Beetle, a gift on my 16th birthday, which I spent more time fixing then actually driving. My love for the hip and cool Beetle soon fostered a passion for cars and racing. I spent 3 years on the European Rally Racing Circuit which only further fueled my passion for cars.

"Having graduated from the University of Warsaw Engineering Department with a Master’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering, I became the director of a major Polish car dealership. I later set out to turn my lifetime hobby and love of cars into a career by opening my very own garage in Warsaw, Poland. What started out as a one-man small business quickly proliferated into a car repair centre employing over 5 fully certified mechanics.

"I soon decided that I needed to further increase my knowledge of the vehicle industry, and so began my travels throughout Europe to gain more valuable experience. However, this was not enough. I became intrigued with the growing American car industry which did not posses a large presence in Europe; therefore, I set out, with my family in tow, to Toronto, Canada to gain further knowledge and experience. Within 10 days of my arrival in Toronto, I was employed at a GM dealership. I then found a position at Brookland Maserati, where I soon became the chief specialist of Masserati Canada, a European Luxury car dealership under the management of Jeep Eagle.

"After 6 years at Brookland Maserati, I felt the need to again further my experience and education by trying my hand at running my own business here in Canada. Ludex Auto Service is the fruit of my labours. 20 years in the making, I am once again running a small business that prizes itself on extensive experience of the vehicle industry - American, European, and Japanese - and the utmost quality of service.

"I strive to provide my clients with the most professional service and expertise. The rapidly advancing technology in the field of mechanics allows me to supply my garage with the most highly advanced machinery and tools with which to repair the highly computerized vehicles out on the market today. Cars are not only my trade, but also my love and life-long passion. Here at Ludex, your car is in the best hands!"

- Ludomir Zakrzewski, Eng.M.Sc. Owner

Picture of Lou