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What is the Difference Between
Maintenance and Repair

Regularly scheduled service on your vehicle, otherwise known as maintenance, helps prevent repairs required to address unexpected and often costly breakdowns.

Every manufacturer supplies a recommended maintenance schedule to help keep your vehicle in the best condition possible. Car owners also have the responsibility to make sure their vehicle is in good working order and safe to drive on the road. But what's in it for you? Keeping your car well maintained will:

  • Save you money by preventing costly and unexpected repairs
  • Provide a safer vehicle for you and your family
  • Save you time and stress by keeping your car dependable
  • Help your vehicle retain more market value
  • Reduce pollution and environmental impact

A common misconception is that you need to take your vehicle to the dealership for regular maintenance service or risk voiding your warranty. This is not true! Ludex Auto is fully certified to work on most items listed in manufacturer's maintenance schedules, and we can date and stamp your owner's manual as proof that the service was completed by professionals. We stand by the quality of our work!

Most Popular Packages

Emissions Test & Safety Inspection

Getting ready to sell your car? Come to Ludex Auto to get the paperwork needed to put it on the market: an Ontario Drive Clean emissions test and a full safety inspection.

Oil Change & Maintenance Check

Keep your vehicle running smooth by keeping up with your manufacturer's recommended scheduled maintenance. We'll change the oil and check everything the manual asks, plus more!

Computer Diagnostic & Repair

Is your car feeling under the weather? We'll hook up our sophisticated diagnostic computer and learn what's troubling your car, and then talk to you all about it before getting started on fixing it.

Warranty Guarantee

Ludex Auto guarantees that we will not charge you for work that would otherwise be covered under your manufacturer's warranty. We will advise you of any warranty concerns as we check your vehicle.

You can learn more about what recalls are outstanding on your vehicle by searching through Transport Canada's Road Safety Recalls Database:

Recall Database

Service List

Ludex Auto uses the latest in automotive tools to help service your vehicle. From sophisticated diagnostic computers to the best quality wrenches, you can call us tool junkies!

We can perform all mechanical and electrical repairs on all makes of domestics and imports! What we can't accomplish in-house, we'll be sure to tell you your options. Some of our popular services are:

Service Description
Air Conditioning Get your car cooling again with our computerized testing and repair.
Engine Cooling Ensure your car stops overheating.
Suspension & Alignment Keep your car driving straight and smooth.
Fuel System Tune-Up Restore your car's fuel efficiency and emissions.
Oil Changes Warranty approved oil changes and maintenance checks.
Emissions Testing One of few local shops offering the NEW Ontario Drive Clean Testing.
Emissions Repair Fully certified under the NEW Ontario Drive Clean emissions program.
Computer Diagnostics Get rid of that annoying check engine light, and learn why it's there.
Safety Inspection Full safety inspection to get your car on the road or on the market.
Tire Service We have automated machinery to ensure your delicate rims stay true.
Electrical Repair From alternators to batteries, we have you covered.
Maintenance Tune-up General inspection and fluid top-up to keep your car in shape.